Relief for Gippslanders after natural disaster.

We’re a registered charity, run entirely by
local volunteers, helping fund emergency relief
for Gippslanders with damaged property.

About us…

What does
the GERF do?

When natural disaster strikes, your generous donations are distributed to eligible Gippslanders for emergency resources. From basics like food, shelter and clothing, to keeping livestock safe or education resources for kids — your donation is a welcome relief for a Gippslander in crisis.

The GERF is proudly run by volunteers, allowing us to keep expenses low and return every dollar to the community.


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About us…

How is
the GERF

The GERF is proudly run by volunteers, which allows us to keep expenses low and return all donations to the community — maximising our support to Gippslanders.

We act fast too. From the start of assessment, funds are in the recipient’s bank account as quickly as two days later. Our rapid response means the GERF is capable of supporting Gippslanders who fall through the cracks of other systems, particularly when timing is crucial.

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