(really) rainy
day fund.

Our volunteers prudently manage
donations to make sure your generosity
is returned to the community.

Thanks You


Successfully donated and distributed to Gippslanders in need. Thank you.


Gippslanders we’ve helped with financial support over the years.

45 years

GERF has been there for Gippslanders when natural disaster strikes.

About us…

Why only monetary donations?

By exclusively managing monetary donations and transactions we can respond rapidly when called to action, and cover Gippsland’s huge geographical footprint including remote, hard-to-access, or disaster affected areas.

The monetary model also allows us to keep expenses low, maximising our support to Gippslanders. Without the need for warehousing goods or physically visiting impacted areas we can act fast, efficiently, and provide the most possible help with your donation.

A little bit about

Where the
money goes.

Our unique model means all donations to the GERF reach the pocket of a Gippslander impacted by natural disaster. Any surplus from an appeal or our wonderful regular donors remains in the fund, ready for a rapid response during the next event.

Our volunteers carefully manage the fund and use the interest to cover any expenses, so the donations remain untouched. Thanks to our incredible and longstanding corporate partners we’re able to keep our expenses low, and pass the savings on to Gippslanders in need.